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How to Maintain A Strong Customer Experience Virtually

A lot of businesses are using this time to create webinars, video content, and anything that can give their customers a real sense of connection while most people are quarantined at home. In this video, we’ll discuss the top 3 tips businesses can take to maintain a strong customer relationship virtually. As a retailer, where should our focus lie to maintain a strong customer experience during this time of quarantine? Here are 3 ways - Virtualize Through - 1 on 1 video chat, or Webinars/Go Live -

For smaller businesses: appointments can be set up, and a Zoom meeting can be utilized. Using stylists in online stores can make the shopping experience very personal and fun.

For service-based businesses: offer valuable information to your customers via Webinar or host a Go Live on social media to offer a virtual class. Optimize Your App - The number of consumers claiming they're now more loyal to an app than a brand has doubled over the last two years (46 percent in 2019 compared with 23 percent in 2017), apps are becoming the face of retail brands. If they’re not user-friendly customers are moving on. (Source Linked Below)

To Optimize Your App: Leverage AI and Machine Learning to remediate problems - to save your IT team time. Using critical APM (application performance monitoring - pop up) tools to access the overall view of the user experience and prioritize issues that have the highest impact on business outcomes Communicate with Compassion - Utilizing high performing digital applications, AND providing timely, sensitive communication to customers will be the key to success that will carry your business through this shaky start to 2020 and beyond.

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