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Enabling Resiliency

  • Innovative and Sustainable Strategies

  • Smart Supply Chain Circularity

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Product Lifecycle Optimization

  • Sustainability Principles + Governance

  • Program + Project Management

  • Digital Technology Assessment

  • Software Selection + Implementation

  • Enterprise Change Management

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Instructional Design + Training



Through Digital Strategies and

Technology in Retail

Retail Supply Chains Have Evolved...

Transforming the retail supply chain operations, company cultures, and building networks of partners and suppliers that are fully taking advantage of the concept of circularity is the way forward.

Shaping the Future with Strategy, Innovation, and Technology

It's time to define the New Normal Together...

Move ahead with a sustainable supply chain. Speed and agility are a must. Adopt the true power of connectivity, collaboration, and competitive intelligence to preserve businesses and thrive. We'll help you think big, start small, assess, and scale.

Creating Supply Chain Resiliency Through Transparency, Accountability, & Governance


Diversity on your team means diversity of thoughts, which results in novel solutions for your business. What was once nice to have is now a must-have.


Our professional and diverse team has a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. We are results-driven and create a multitude of problem-solving solutions and strategies and are ready to help your fashion retail business reach new heights. 


We're Here For You From Start to Success

Ilka Jordan, CEO 

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Worst case scenario, you walk out with a few great ideas and actionable ways to grow your business. 

Jordan Alliance Group, Inc. is Minority-Owned and Women-Led

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