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Enabling Resiliency Across Retail Supply Chain.

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  • Merchandising / Visual

  • Sourcing / Vendor Management

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Through Digital Strategies and

Technology in Retail

Retail Supply Chains Have Evolved...

The current situation has forced many to transition operations to working remotely. Now more than ever, it's important to stay connected with employees, vendors, and customers VIRTUALLY.

To preserve during this uncertain time and beyond, there is no going back to business as usual. It's time to move forward TOGETHER...

Shaping the Future with Strategy, Innovation, and Technology

It's time to define the New Normal Together...

Adopting the true power of connectivity, collaboration, and accurate competitive intelligence and data will help you thrive.  Your supply chain is changing... Your PLC and product development processes must change too... 


The Digital  Transformation Together...


"We're here for you from the Start to Success"... 

We work with you on a strategic level.


We help you develop the right strategies, operating models, and technology to enable transparency, accountability, and governance across your organization and supply chain.

Ilka Jordan, CEO 

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Succeeding Together with JAG



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Worst case scenario, you walk out with a few great ideas and actionable ways to grow your business. 

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