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We love getting the word out about how we save companies money while being sustainable.

Fashion Designer Studio

The fashion and textile industries are at a crossroads. Taking finite resources from the ground and making products to be used and thrown away has been happening for too long. This "take-make-waste" production model supports a linear economy, which is no longer viable. By contrast, a circular economy aims to eliminate waste and pollution from the design stage, keep products and materials in use, and promote natural regenerative systems.

The future belongs to companies that believe in a return on products, people, and the planet as much as the return on investment.

About Us

Jordan Alliance Group (JAG) is a minority-owned, women-led boutique management consulting firm focused on the fashion industry's transition towards sustainability through business strategy and digital transformation. 

We work with companies to drive sustainable business practices, performance, and profits. In addition, we partner with educational organizations to create opportunities for current and future leaders. 


We specialize in aligning corporate initiatives to meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We deliver expertise, strategic advice, and guidance through our integrated advisory, learning tools, and management consulting solutions.



To build meaningful partnerships with our clients on strategies to deliver sustainability in products, people, profits, and the planet.



We aim to be the go-to company for progressive transformative solutions.



Integrity – We value principles

Diversity – We empower inclusivity

Collaboration – We work together

Accountability – We lead by example

Innovation – We embrace newness

Fabric Texiles


"My big takeaway in working with Jordan Alliance Group was being able to look at the product lifecycle from end-to-end and really understanding how our organizational design, our roles and responsibilities, and certain functional accountability really needed to come into the picture."


"Jordan Alliance Group has assembled a talented team of industry experts that bring years of hands-on apparel retail experience to each project and endeavor. I have known and respected the JAG team for many years, and recently had the pleasure of establishing a new business relationship with JAG."


"I have great respect for Ilka as a leader as well as a change agent who has demonstrated the ability to successfully navigate all levels of leadership in an organization keeping everyone focused on delivering target results."


It is imperative that the Fashion Industry become sustainable while driving performance and profits—ultimately caring more for people, products, profits, and the planet.  


We help retailers transition towards sustainable business practices by integrating DEI, SCR, SDG, ESG into all business strategies.


Our TAG Forward®Transformation Management Model is designed to drive operational transparency, accountability, and governance across an organization.

"Sustainability isn't a trendy concept, it's our inevitable future"


~Zachary Jordan-Reynolds

Ilka Jordan

Ilka Jordan

Chief Executive Officer

Ilka Jordan is the founder and CEO of Jordan Alliance Group (JAG), one of the first proactive, minority-owned, women-led boutique management consulting firms focused on the fashion and textile industry's transition towards sustainability and digital transformation. She is a master strategist and trusted advisor bringing expertise, proven methodologies, and strategic approaches to building change-capable organizations.


Ilka has spent the past twenty years working on business and digital transformation strategies with specialty retailers, including Eileen Fisher, J.Crew Group, Talbot's, Chico's, White House Black Market, Soma, Maurices, Ann Taylor, and Lane Bryant,  to name a few. She has committed herself and her high-performance consulting team to helping clients transform corporate tenets to be more purposeful, sustainable, and profitable.

Fashion Designer Studio
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We're working to demystify fashion circularity. We're showing our clients how to reimagine the product lifecycle to improve profitability, as well as people's lives and the future of our planet. We're building processes that serve to restore and regenerate resources.


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When change is the only constant, business and technology transformation is the only solution for continued growth and profitability. We work with companies to create customized, strategic solutions that cater to the business's unique needs for profitable business growth.
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As we shape the future with strategy, innovation, and technology - speed, agility, and the right talent are a must. JAG On-Demand delivers strategic advice and counsel through a comprehensive, integrated set of thought leadership, education, and consulting subscription services. 

JAG Consult


Making purpose profitable while driving performance. We can show you how. We know what works, which technology to use, and how to get buy-in. But first, the right talent is a must.


JAG Consult helps clients that need a higher level of expertise to plan, prioritize, and execute against strategic initiatives without having to permanently increase your team's size or get budget approval for large fixed-fee projects.

JAG Learn


Now more than ever, continuous learning and developing new skills are essential in business. JAG Learn programs are designed to promote and sustain career growth for the next generation of leaders.


JAG Learn services guide individuals through the process to personal and professional fulfillment and growth opportunities via webinars, workshops, internships, and our mentoring program.

The JAG Collective



The JAG Collective is a consortium of trusted advisors, entrepreneurs, and consultants whose knowledge, expertise, and innovative insights are invaluable to professionals and businesses seeking diversity in resources, thoughts, and solutions.


The JAG Collective dynamic network will inspire you and your team to do more personally and professionally through strategic advisory, consulting, coaching, and speaking engagements.


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