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We invite you to explore how we can help you find solutions for building sustainable value chain efficiency and profitable business growth!


Jordan Alliance Group (JAG) is a minority-owned, women-led boutique management consulting firm focused on organizational transformation and sustainability practices in the Retail Industry.


We worked with retailers seeking to build and sustain change-capable organizations with proven methodologies, digital technology, and processes and principles to achieve business goals.


Following our proven Organizational Transformation Management Model, TAG Forward®, organizational 

 transparency and accountability are strengthened, and efficiency, productivity, and performance are sustained through operational governance.


Ilka Jordan

Ilka Jordan is the founder and CEO of Jordan Alliance Group (JAG), one of the first proactive, minority-owned, women-led boutique management consulting firms focused on the fashion and textile industry's transition towards sustainability and digital transformation. She is a master strategist and trusted advisor bringing expertise, proven methodologies, and strategic approaches to building change-capable organizations.

Ilka has spent the past twenty years working on business and digital transformation strategies with specialty retailers, including Eileen Fisher, J.Crew Group, Talbot's, Chico's, White House Black Market, Soma, Maurices, Ann Taylor, and Lane Bryant,  to name a few. She has committed herself and her high-performance consulting team to helping clients transform corporate tenets to be more purposeful, sustainable, and profitable.  Ilka also serves on the WOC Retail Alliance board of directors and LIM College fashion advisory board.

Ilka's passion for sustainable best-in-class global business practices led her to brand her highly effective and proven Organizational Transformation Management Model TAG Forward® which is offered through JAG's consulting services and online learning programs.

JAG Team


Our values guide how we do business. Our recommendations are not broad-based, theoretical, generic, or outdated but instead explicitly targeted to the needs of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Earning our client's confidence and trust is essential for maintaining our long-standing business partnerships.



Our professionalism is apparent, our expertise is across the board, and our experiences are relevant. 
Our methodologies are proven to drive business and technology transformation successfully. We ensure corporate initiatives are strategically planned, executed, and meet your business objectives with measurable results!


We work collaboratively to build leadership capabilities and provide strategic guidance to help your teams be more accountable, and intentional to drive results. 


Our approach emphasizes change management and solutions driven by facts through market intelligence, data analysis, and strategic planning.

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We're Known For

We are continually improving our efforts to provide bespoke solutions and the highest quality of services to our clients. We work with all levels of the organization, from C-suite to the troops on the ground, to help them deliver on their most strategic initiatives. 


We provide depth and breadth of experience and expertise across a combination of business strategy, technological capabilities, intelligence development, and leadership management skills. As a result, our clients ask to work with us across all aspects of the retail value and supply chain, from product concept to end of life. 

We excel in understanding complex corporate initiatives and can successfully translate them into strategic executable plans. We are known for our strategic planning, realistic recommendations, and innovative solutions that deliver tangible value. 

"Diversity on a team means diversity of thoughts and innovative solutions to get the job done right."
~Ilka Jordan


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