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ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION - VISIONING SESSION Imagine company-wide alignment on the corporate vision, mission, and strategic goals... We take a creative approach to inspire and maximize your team's professional potential. Together, we tackle core issues and provide personalized guidance to ensure organizational goals and business strategies are clarified and the proper enterprise change capabilities are deployed. Organizational readiness is the key to delivering transformational programs to drive growth and profitability. We partner with you to design and deliver programs to help transform your business models, operating models, and technology models. Learn more, let's talk


A Strategic Initiative is an investment of resources dedicated to accomplishing organizational goals. Strategic planning needs to be holistic to increase success.

Strategic plans can come in many forms; they are not a “one size fits all”. There are simple strategic plans that include goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics, as well as complex plan structures that include multiple levels and layers. How developed your plan needs to be depends on several factors, including the level of accountability you are trying to create, the time frame for implementing the plan, and the culture of your organization.

Our Transformation Framwork (TAG) translate your corporate initiatives into an executable roadmap to success. We've developed the TAG playbook to be holistic, scalable, and measurable. Our methodology is proven to avoid the common pitfalls, thereby allowing greater focus on achieving and sustaining centers of excellence throughout your organization. Our clients saved millions. Save Time & Money! Let's talk...Reach out to schedule a review.


Transformation and Strategy Management Consulting

We strategically partner with clients to design and deliver transformation projects that align with corporate sustainability goals and drive profitable business growth.

We do this through our proven purpose-driven approach built on driving three core operational capabilities:

  • Transparency – Managed Global Visibility
  • Accountability – Managed Decision-Making
  • Governance – Managed Sustainability

We provide several strategic consulting services, including:

  • Business and Technology Assessment
  • Business and Technology Transformation
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Change Readiness and Adoption
  • Workforce Transformation
  • Governance – Managed Sustainability

The key is to operationalize key business strategies more effectively. – “The SMART Approach”. If you want to improve productivity, reduce cost, and achieve efficiencies, you need to optimize your core operating model.

All internal and external parts need to be in the right place, at the right time, and the right cost. A Smart Retail Supply Chain strategically harnesses all resources and capabilities.

Our Transformation Framework TAG Forward™ is a unique purpose-driven strategic framework that enables Transparency, Accountability, and Governance to sustain centers of excellence across organizations.

The TAG Foward™ Strategic Framework is holistic, scalable, and measurable. TAG Forward™ incorporates proven methodologies to avoid the common pitfalls allowing greater focus on relevant retail strategies and practices. TAG Forward™ ensures strategic collaboration, effective decision making, and value-add improvements to deliver positive results and profitable business growth.

Learn more, let's talk .


Effective planning is the key... Leveraging existing or emerging technologies, and elevating the skills, capabilities, and accountability of your organization is what we all strive to make happen. It's logical, It makes sense, but it's not simple. Guess what? We've Mastered it! We will show you how and give you the tools to do it, execute it, monitor it, and adjust it for continuous improvement. Interested? Let's talk.


PRODUCT LIFECYCLE CADENCE - FRON CONCEPT TO CONSUMER Cutting out inefficiency to ensure on-time delivery. This is the HOT ticket... We all know that it is crucial that the PLC must support all key business areas - from concept to consumer and back. So don't make the big mistake of overcomplicating your PLC thereby, making it impossible to meet intended objectives and deadlines. Does this sound and feel familiar?​ We GOT this... Our strategic approach equips you with the methods to simplify your PLC. We've shown our clients how to establish the best seasonal cadence, develop guidelines, and identify and maintain the key disciplines needed to achieve their strategic goals throughout the seasonal lifecycle. Here's the DEAL... Do you want to execute your seasonal product strategies with governance to consistently meet deadlines and delight your customers? Together, we can show you how.​ Let's talk. CONCEPT TO CONSUMER Financial Planning Merchandise Planning Marketing | Key Messaging Raw Materials / Safe Materials Print & Color Design & Develop for Durability Merchandising / Visual Responsible Sourcing / Vendor Management Product Quality / Engineering Technical Design Manufacturing Store Allocations Logistics Distribution Center Transportation Store Operations Digital Strategies and Capabilities Sustainability and Circularity Strategies Reuse / Renew / Recycle Remanufacture Programs Partnerships / Joint Ventures Technology / Data Analytics Together, we can show you how.​ Let's talk.


You know good Program Management is essential for successful outcomes... Guidance, support, tools, and regular communication are key to meet goals, budgets, and timelines. Our comprehensive approach uses relevant guiding principles, acceptable levels of control, and risk management assessment. Maintaining organizational alignment from concept to completion, business strategies are executed and the expected outcomes delivers a return on investment. To learn more let's talk.


PLM Implementation Strategy Effective planning and operational efficiency across your core business models are essential to ensure your investments in technology meet your return on investments. We have over 20 years of experience in this space and have perfected the PLM Implementation Strategy that includes assessing the organization's readiness, vendor selection, implementation method, training, and support. A part of the strategy is the implementation method- Big Bang or Phased. The best option will vary from organization to organization. It comes down to the preference of the business and the stakeholders in the project. It's best to consider both implementation methods and to determine the pros and cons of each. PLM Implementation – Big Bang vs. Phased Big Bang Implementation (BBI) The Big Bang implementation method is an all-in-one approach where the goal is to deploy the solution functionality to all end-users, locations, and integrations on one go-live date. With this approach, the entire company will have access to use the software simultaneously and decommission all legacy systems. Because all end-users will go live simultaneously, the BBI method will have the lowest overall cost and shortest timeline, therefore realizing your return on investment sooner. However, the big bang approach does increase the inherent risk associated with the project. It can be challenging to complete thorough testing for all groups in the naturally shorter timeline. This method may decrease your initial productivity as you work through any issues in your production system. Productivity may also be negatively affected due to the difficulty of training all employee groups before go-live. Phased Implementation (PI) The Phased Implementation consists of multiple go-lives that could be by modules, functionality, or business areas. The PI limits exposure of the new system across the organization and requires using the legacy systems until all go-lives are complete. The PI approach provides additional time to thoroughly test the system before each go-live ensuring that the new solution meets the business needs. It also provides extra time to train employees, increasing end-user productivity. However, these benefits come at the expense of a longer timeline and increased costs associated with each additional go-live.

Successfully implementing of a PLM system requires a holistic strategic approach and includes working collaboratively with three main areas.

  1. The Organization
    1. Executive Team
    2. Cross-Functional Key Stakeholders
    3. Technology
    4. Change Management
    5. Transformation & Project Team
  2. External Business Partners
    1. Vendor | Suppliers
    2. Agents
    3. Consultants
  3. The Solution Providers
    1. Sales Representatives
    2. Account Managers
    3. Customer Support
    4. R&D
Jordan Alliance Group consulting services cover the entire lifecycle of PLM implementation. Our team of expert consultants works collaboratively to move our clients through each phase of the business and technology transformation lifecycle – from creating a strategic roadmap around business process and PLM technology requirements to selecting and implementing new systems to change management and governance. Contact Jordan Alliance Group today. We will guide you to making the best decision on your PLM Implementation Initiative.

Learn more, let's talk


The introduction of new processes and technologies is disruptive to business operations. A comprehensive change management plan will ensure a successful implementation and user adoption. A change plan will also help understand the actual cost of the change, as changing the way you work and new technology may also require acquiring new skill sets within your organization. Jordan Alliance Group works with organizations to create a detailed change management plan for all transformation initiatives. Our proven Transformation Playbook TAG for sustainable change includes five key stages:

  • Strategy
  • Process
  • Learn
  • Monitor
  • Optimize
We help companies empower and engage their employees. Engaged employees become the company's biggest advocates. Learn more

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What is JAG Consult?

JAG Consult is a consulting service subscription model that allows you to plan, prioritize, and execute against your strategic initiatives without having to permanently increase the size of your team or get budget approval for large fixed-fee projects.

We are experienced in delivering on-demand and cost-effective solutions for common or complex business problems faced by companies and proprietors.

Why Choose It?

JAG Consult is about improving business performance. Having the right talent is key, that is why we offer interim or project-based services to clients that need a higher level of expertise than they currently have or have the ability to retain.


Our innovative approach allows you access to the skill set of experts across multi-disciplines and the flexibility to adjust as priorities shift or new needs arise.

How Does It Work?

Unlike the traditional staff augmentation or contractor arrangements, you will not be limited to a single skillset. We creatively partner with your teams to ensure that business directives are strategically planned, aligned, executed, and governed to achieve the maximum ROI.


You will have access to the collective knowledge and expertise of our roster of talented industry professionals as needed for each task. Simply select a one-time, weekly, or monthly plan that fits your budget and project needs.

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