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Real-World Talks and Tips for Real-Life Results

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The JAG Learn® Mentoring Program is not your traditional mentoring program. Its virtual, fast-paced, and agile format yields meaningful results in a finite amount of time. The Mentee gets to advance their professional ambitions with real tips and results-driven strategies that prepare them for professional and personal growth. Mentees engage with Mentors virtually to discuss plans for career growth, business growth, entrepreneurship, and much more. Mentees can connect, collaborate, and build professional relationships with a community of amazing people at the top of their game.


The Mentee meets with the Mentor six times over 3 months. The entire engagement typically focuses on one specific career-related goal to set a clear and targeted plan and begin the work quickly. By concentrating the program in this way, the Mentor is clear on what to offer, and the Mentee gains valuable knowledge relevant to them in real-world circumstances. 


The Mentees achieve the maximum benefit when committed, engaged, and show up consistently. The Mentor and Mentee may even identify opportunities for research, tasks, or other exercises to be done in between meetings to enhance the experience further. If the Mentee is interested in working on another significant career goal, they may sign up for another 3-month round (with the same or a different Mentor).

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