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Regina Reyes

Business Executive | Strategic Leader

I am a seasoned fashion industry executive with a 30+ year career spanning all corners of the wholesale and retail business model. My tenure and experience at major retailers and women’s apparel brands provides me a unique understanding of the complete consumer product business cycle – from concept/design to the end-consumer. I have the ability to integrate strategy, planning, and operations initiatives in rapidly evolving and complex environments.

An active systems thinker, I am able to observe data, recognize patterns, and identify underlying structures, while synthesizing solutions into actionable plans. As such, my work has often been focused on strategy implementation and organizational transformation. I spearhead change initiatives company-wide, align strategic objectives cross-functionally, and promote team engagement and effective cross-business cooperation. Successful change comes when you drive a culture of transparency, clarity, and authenticity to align with an organization’s mission statement and core values.

As a leader, I am most passionate about wellbeing and team members identifying their individual sense of purpose and connecting it not only to their role, but the company’s purpose and mission. I am a trusted mentor, cultivate strong team-oriented environments, and develop teams and individuals to be highly productive and poised for growth.


Career Development, Change Management, Product Lifecycle, Sustainability

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