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3-D technology allows for faster visualization and prototyping of new fashion designs and has the potential to replace physical samples altogether.

3 Benefits in adopting 3D printing technology into your supply chain today are:

  1. Improve time-to-market – 3D printing consolidates the number of components and processes required for manufacturing.

  2. It can overcome geopolitical risks/tariffs

  3. Greatly reduce the carbon footprint

Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are 3 other footwear companies that have already incorporated 3D printing into their prototyping as well as products. 3-D printing is currently being utilized to print ventilators and oxygen valves in Italy, a small engineering company was able to reverse engineer the valve and produce 100 ventilators to a local hospital in need.

3-D modeling and printing can cut months from traditional development timelines This technology is and will continue to revolutionize the global supply chain.

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