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The JAG Collective Member Spotlight - Tara Truhan

Welcome to the JAG Collective Member Spotlight featuring - Tara Truhan

Video Transcript

Tara grew up on Long Island, and graduated from Hofstra University

with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

She graduated early, and decided to move to Colorado after visiting a friend there. She quickly fell in love with the fresh air, mountain views and friendly people.

QUOTE: “This move was where I learned my first and greatest life lesson- the value of taking risk, being independent and the power of forging my own path.”

As Tara settled in, she knew she wanted a job allowing her to inspire and support others.

Her first job was working in a residential treatment center helping

people with mental health issues, substance addictions, and victims of child abuse

During her time in Colorado she obtained a Masters Degree as a licensed professional counselor from the University of Colorado, Denver - then, went on to pursue a PhD in counselor education and supervision.


She says, “I’ve always really wanted to help people; it’s at the core of who I am.”

While pursuing her PhD, she took a part-time job working as a sales associate for the retailer, Anthropologie. This role fulfilled a love and a fascination she always had for fashion.

As her professional life was in full swing, her personal life began to veer off path.

In 2012 following the devastating losses of her Grandmother and Father, Hurricane Sandy hit and destroyed much of her hometown of Long Island.

It was then decided to move back home to help her Mom.

Tara’s job at Anthropologie supported her transitioning back to NY and she moved into a full time managers position. In 2015 as Tara reassessed her career she wondered if she could combine her love of higher education and fashion.

Tara landed at LIM - a place where she truly feels at home - and is now the Director of Corporate University Partnerships She coordinates campus events with

corporate partners and books guest speakers. She also helps build course-based projects and new degree programs. She believes LIM is a hidden gem in the world of fashion schools.

Tara is living proof that you really can do it all and do it unapologetically.

It is the embracing of the turn of events, that leads to growth, development, opportunity, and a vision filled with understanding and purpose.

QUOTE: “the events of 2012 had an extraordinary impact on my life and set course for a huge trajectory change on how I viewed my professional life and my personal life.”


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