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Successful change, happens one baby step at a time

“I need a minute.” This is an expression we’ve all used, thought, or heard. But what does it really mean? As a mom, I know I’ve said it to my children when I needed just a minute to breathe or process something. I also remember sometimes feeling it at work, but not feeling comfortable enough to say it. We know change is inevitable, but we need to recognize that change takes time and preparation, especially in business.

Change, means newness and that’s not always easy to accept. It takes time to be mentally processed, accepted, and time to be embraced.

No one wants to be told what to do without understanding WHY they’re doing WHAT they’re doing. Giving employees the opportunity to take one baby step at a time in making change, is to be commended, as long as the baby steps are continually moving forward and not backwards.

When the needs of employees are addressed to help change behavior, then, and only then, can organizations have successful cultural change within. Incorporating a Change Management plan for business initiatives will provide employees with the process, tools and techniques needed to achieve the required business outcome. A Change Management plan means time and preparation, which can minimize resistance, improve morale, productivity and even the quality of work. Without taking the necessary steps to allow people to adapt, they may find themselves stuck and unable to reach their goals, or the company’s goals. It’s ok to say, I need a minute, when adapting to something new or even someone new.

A Change Management plan supports a successful individualized transition for those being effected by the change. If Change matters, people matter. Take the time to invest in your team by taking meaningful baby steps to walk towards change before you Run.


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