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Shifting Mindsets to Survive Supply Chain Challenges

But we’ve always done it this way”, “But I can do it faster the old way”, “But we’ve been doing it this way for years” These are the statements so often heard in business today, and it is leaving companies in emotional and financial bankruptcy.

When companies are trying to move forward and the “But” keeps coming from employees, it’s time for a shift from fixed mindset, to growth mindset. Here’s the challenge… recognizing and understanding the difference in these two mindsets, then ensuring the fixed mindsets are not overpowering the growth mindsets within your organization. The life of your Supply Chain business depends on change, individually and collectively.

A fixed mindset in simplest terms, is an individual mind that is fixed on seeing and believing things are one way, with little hope for the possibility of it ever being different, or better.

With a fixed mindset, individuals are set on believing their knowledge, skills, abilities and talents, are simply something they were born with. They believe they are fixed traits with limited potential for growth. A fixed mindset seldom reaches or thinks outside the box even when times are changing. The concept of CHANGE poses a threat to a fixed mindset because they are hesitant to take risk, even if it means greater success for a company.

I’m not sure, but I’ll figure it out”,What can I do to help make this change happen?”, “How can I get some training for this new program?” These are the statements and questions of a growth mindset. This is the thought process companies need to hear in order to move forward with aggressively new sustainable strategies and initiatives.

A Growth mindset in simplest terms, is an individual mind that is open to change, and believes people can grow in their knowledge, skills, abilities and talents.

A growth mindset embraces newness and is willing to take risk for the sake of the greater good. This mindset can see past current circumstances and shortcomings. They are willing to do the necessary learning and adapting to bring about different results. This mindset is empowered despite struggles, and helps companies stay afloat amidst challenging times in business.

Companies seeking the expertise of Certified Change Management Practitioners are finding the support needed in shifting the mindsets of individuals, simply by turning their attentions... to the frustrated individual.

Organizations are in need of undertaking drastic change and initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities and address cross-functional supply chain issues. This often requires changes in processes, job roles and responsibilities, organizational structures and changes in the use of technology. These changes can be quite overwhelming for individuals.

Change Management focuses on the people side of change, and how to ensure that each individual embraces and adopts to organizational change, and Jordan Alliance Group is here to help. We understand that organizations cannot successfully change, unless individual mindsets successfully change. When individuals in the workplace are unsuccessful in embracing their personal transitions to learn a new way of working, the initiative will also prove to be unsuccessful. However, if the required attention is given to the employees to help them along the journey, they will embrace a growth mindset and adopt the changes required to deliver the expected results.

JAG partners with organizations to help start the journey towards supply chain excellence. We support the transformation of people, processes, and all aspects of your operations.

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