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4 ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO SHOP SUSTAINABLY (Other than ethical/sustainable brands!)

Shopping for sustainable fashion doesn’t only mean purchasing from ethical brands. There are many other ways you can shop that are less harmful to the environment! Stay Tuned to find out how!

Here are four ways:

Shop Secondhand - save money and prevent your dollars from going to companies that may be using unethical practices. No extra waste, or guilt, and also you may find something unique!

Avoid synthetic fibers - Polyester, for example, uses excessive amounts of coal, oil, and water to be produced.

Rent! - Have you ever bought a dress for a wedding and only wore it once? Renting helps eliminate waste! Try Nuuly, Fashion to Figure, or Rent The Runway!

Purchase items that are of high quality and timeless design. Wear them at least 30 times.

Have you ever rented? Or do you shop secondhand? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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