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Research Intern

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Research Intern

JAG Learn

SVP, Partner Engagement

Part Time


Position Objectives:

Our goal for this internship is to allow you to learn more about the job, the industry, and the skills required for success. You'll gain a better feel for business problems and solutions and be updated on current events. Work directly with the leadership team and be tasked with data collection and conducting research for specific projects. Make actionable recommendations on how to leverage the research content across multiple platforms.

Position Requirements:


  • Conduct and present industry research

  • Work on learning programs, curriculums, and events.

  • Engage clients and suppliers the information will become the basis of the team's strategy.

  • Create forecasts and reports on client activity to present information understandably.

  • Attend leadership meetings to provide updates, ask for advice, and learn the direction.

  • Create content for social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Blogs.

  • Select photos, edit videos, design graphics, and write engaging captions.


  • Strong interest in social media trends and strategy.

  • Positive attitude with a passion for learning.

  • Hard-working, punctual, and dependable.

  • Strong organization skills.

  • Self-starter - works autonomously as well as with a team.

  • Strong interpersonal skills - excellent written and verbal communication.

  • Strong software skills:  Google, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Canva.

About the Company

Jordan Alliance Group (JAG) is a US-based, progressive boutique management consulting firm that focuses on the Retail Industry's transformation and sustainability. We provide industry expertise, strategic advice, and professional guidance to clients seeking to establish business models that are purposeful, sustainable, and profitable. JAG is known for outcome-based solutions that enable operational efficiency built on proof, not promises. We help clients strategize, implement, and execute, delivering measurable outcomes that meet ROI and sustainability goals.

Through JAG Consult, we work with retailers and global brands seeking a competitive advantage through optimizing corporate practices for increased performance and productivity in new and better ways. Our highly regarded professional consultants have the knowledge, expertise, relevant insights, and solutions to the challenges companies face in today's market. They serve as objective troubleshooters and provide strategies to prevent problems and improve performance.

Through JAG Learn, we work with academic organizations and professionals to promote skills training and leadership development. JAG Learn programs are designed to sustain personal and professional growth through mentorship, internships, curriculum development, and educational programs. We aim to help the career advancement of the current and next generation of leaders.

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