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Succeeding Together Is Our Motto

Hello, thank you for joining me today…I am Ilka Jordan, Founder, and CEO of Jordan Alliance Group also known as JAG. I want to talk about who we are, what we do, how we help our clients…

JAG is a US-based consultancy firm serving specialty retailers and global brands in the Fashion Industry. We help our clients achieve multi-million-dollar savings and profitable growth through operational efficiency across the retail supply chain through retail strategies, organizational change capabilities, technology.

Our teams are experienced professionals that are at the forefront of innovation and technology. Together, we translate your corporate initiatives into a strategic, simple, and executable plan, that tackles the most important challenges retailers are facing today - How to reduce unnecessary activities, time, and waste throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain operations. Now more than ever is the time to revolutionize the retail supply chain using the technology that already exists like and has been proven to increase product development efficiency and speed up lead-times.

To name a few…Predictive Analytics to Increase sales and margin by developing and selecting the right products, at the right price based on the voice of your customer and applied analytics. The use of 3D Development will reduce cycle time and waste by speeding up the material and product approval process and reducing the amount of physical sampling. PLM helps drive efficiency through Improved collaboration and the management of material and product information throughout the entire lifecycle stages - from ideation, design, manufacture, sell, and disposal.

So, no matter what segment of the Fashion Industry you are in, transitioning to a virtual model using technology is the only way forward. Those who can, will thrive and experience less overhead, fewer expenses, and be much more productive.

Succeeding Together is Our Motto... JAG is here to provide strategic guidelines, build change capabilities, and create practices within your organization to get things done RIGHT! Thank you for allowing me to be with you today.

Please subscribe to our JAG RealTalk YouTube channel for more videos. Until next time, bye.

Here at JAG, we’re proud to be a very diverse, black-owned, female-led business.

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