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Black Owned Sustainable Fashion Brands - Part Two

Here at JAG, we’re proud to be a very diverse, black-owned small business, female-founded business.

Since our last video promoting a few very cool, black-owned, and female-founded businesses we had a few DM’s asking for more black-owned sustainable brands. In today’s video, we’d like to highlight a few more that we love!

Welcome back to JAG REALTALK -

If you’re new here JAG is short for Jordan Alliance Group. We’re a consulting firm within the fashion industry and we can help to optimize your operations and increase profitability.

First, up is a brand called: Local European, Apparel (Planet) Local European makes all of their pieces with deadstock fabric, to reduce waste, save energy, and lower their carbon footprint. Their clothing is made in LA and they continue to improve their manufacturing processes and inspire their customers to consume mindfully. Since everything is made in small batches, they do not frequently restock items, making their sustainable pieces a more unique addition to your wardrobe. They don’t restock items very often, so if you have your eye on something definitely snag it right away! Do you shop small, and sustainably?

Drop the name of your favorite small business to shop at below so we can check it out!

lemlem, Apparel (People) During a trip to her native Ethiopia, founder Liya Kebede met with traditional weavers who no longer had a market for their craft. This inspired her to create lemlem, an artisan-driven collection of beautiful handmade goods made entirely in Africa. A portion of their sales goes to the lemlem Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission of connecting women artisans in Africa to healthcare, education, and jobs. Lemlem has a very relaxed and ethereal aesthetic.

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