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An Earned Seat At The Table- A Women's History Month Tribute

As we close out this March 2020 Women’s History Month, I want to take a moment to shine the light on

Ilka Jordan, CEO of Jordan Alliance Group. Ilka and her company, also known as JAG, continue to represent strength, power, resilience, and sustainability amidst confusion and unpredictability in our Fashion Apparel Industry today. As the head of the JAG organization, Ilka Jordan is about results and solutions, with no excuses.

The women of our history who are to be honored this month and always were also about results and solutions, and if excuses were acceptable to these strong women, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Women’s History Day

The national celebration and recognition of women were originally designated as one-day to honor the history and contributions of women in America. Known as Women’s History Day, it took place in New York City on Feb. 28, 1909, as a national observance. It honored the one-year anniversary of the garment worker’s strikes in New York City that had taken place when thousands of women marched for economic rights from lower Manhattan to Union Square.

Women’s History Week

Women continued making major contributions to society with, and without recognition, and in 1980 The National Women's History Project, a not-for-profit American organization, was established to promote multicultural women's history awareness all around the world. Their organization successfully lobbied

for national recognition and in February of 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued the first

Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March, 8th1980 as National Women’s History Week.

Women’s History Month

In 1987, after being petitioned by the National Women's History Project, Congress passed a bill which designated the entire month of March as Women's History Month and the tradition has continued in setting aside this important month to honor and celebrate the achievements of women throughout our history whether it be in the arts, government, philanthropy, science, education, and overall business.

Women have been contributing to society since the beginning of time, but we haven’t always been recognized or respected for our contributions, especially in business. Ilka Jordan has defied the odds and has warranted a seat at the table, amongst greatness in business. Women entrepreneurs challenge the discrimination they face every day in the labor force, never giving up. Today I celebrate Ilka Jordan and Jordan Alliance Group for their contributions made to society and to the Fashion Apparel Industry.

Ilka has proven time and time again, that there is a better way. A better way to conduct business while saving time and money. A better way that involves honest partnerships, thinking strategically, intentionally, and sustainably.

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Unknown member
Apr 01, 2020

Gina, I am truly honored and appreciate the recognition as we close out Women’s History Month.

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