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The JAG Collective Member Spotlight - Tara Tsui

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the JAG Collective Member Spotlight featuring Tara Tsui While Tara was in school, she excelled in math and science. Her parents encouraged her, and her two sisters to pursue a career in engineering.

During her senior year at Columbia University, she had a pivotal moment. After many interviews in her field she decided to flip the switch and pursue a career in fashion, which was something she felt truly passionate about.

She began her career in Allocation at Dana Buchman - a division of Liz Claiborne, and eventually moved into Inventory Planning with Ellen Tracy. At the time there wasn’t a planning team so it was a great opportunity for her to jump in, create those processes, and hire a team.

While at Juicy Couture, with no existing planning software, she created a model - tracking thousands of skews using excel. It was a tremendous, and challenging experience where she was able to flex her analytical muscles.

Her next role was with Lafayette 148. A brand known for sophisticated, clean-lined designs, and impeccable quality. She began work on production, AND took on the newly created DTC business. Although Lafayette 148 was built on the core values of efficiency, limiting waste, and responsibility; there was still so much that could be done to take it to the next level.

Tara completed the Sustainable Design Certificate at FIT. She learned how to apply the “triple bottom line” model to the business. The triple bottom line maintains that companies should commit to focusing as much on social and environmental concerns as they do on profits.

She implemented a corporate recycling program which reduced the company’s paper usage by 20%, developed goals that aligned with corporate objectives, ranging from improving efficiency to increasing volunteer hours. Tara has taken her vast experience in demand planning and sustainability and created her own business: measure x IMPACT.

She helps companies define efficiency and profitability while creating partnerships with a purpose. While running her business she has also teamed up with Purl Soho - a small knitting company that sells yarn, tools. Committed to luxury, quality, natural fibers, small production, and responsible sourcing. Tara’s journey is proof that you can and should forge your own path. even if its an unexpected one.

To stay up to date with Tara make sure to check out her website


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