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Ilka Jordan, Founder and CEO

Ilka founded Jordan Alliance Group to promote the digitization of the Retail Supply Chain. Over the past twenty years, Ilka built an exceptional record of accomplishments leading major corporate initiatives, organizational change, and building sustainability practices that significantly improve retail supply chain circularity and resiliency.

Ilka is widely known for her strategic thought process, entrepreneurial spirit, and inspirational leadership. She builds, leads, and inspires high-performance, multidisciplinary professional teams proficient at circular economy concepts for the fashion retail industry.

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Our values guide how we do business. Earning our client’s confidence and trust are the most important aspect to  maintain long standing business partnerships. We are known in the industry for our honesty, integrity, and passion to provide our clients the best possible experience  in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Our professionalism and broad industry knowledge are apparent and allow us to focus on our clients’ needs to become more strategic, more competitive, and more profitable...



Our expertise is across-the-board, and our experiences are relevant. Our recommendations are not broad-based, theoretical, generic, or outdated, but rather targeted specifically to the needs of our clients.


Our methodologies are proven, relevant, and drive growth and transformation. We ensure that your strategic initiatives are successfully executed and organizational goals are consistently achieved with measurable results!


We work with you to build leadership capabilities and provide guidance that will help your teams strategically plan, implement, and optimize operations to make better decisions.  


Our experienced practitioners are forward thinkers and take a collaborative approach with a heavy emphasis on change management, solutions based on facts through rigorous analysis, and implementing plans that meet the goals of your initiatives. 



Jordan Alliance Group Is Based In Florida With Offices In New York And Virtual Offices To Be Of Service Wherever You Are.

Jordan Alliance Group, Inc. is Minority-Owned and Women-Led

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