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Top 3 Benefits of Using 3D Technology in Your Fashion Supply Chain

TOP 3 Benefits of Using 3D Technology in Your Fashion Supply Chain

As retailers are adopting more sustainable ways of producing fashion they’re beginning to use 3D technology more and more. Stay tuned to learn the top 3 benefits of using 3D technology in your fashion supply chain.

A Clothing Supply Chain traces all parts of the process from concept to consumer. The first step in the process is the design where the materials, silhouettes, and trims are selected

#1. Cuts Costs

Using 3D technology instead of real samples will cut costs from:

- pattern, and sample making

- material and trim costs,

- shipment costs and

- errors in sampling and various alterations

#2 Streamlines Processes

Using digital pattern making, 3D Sampling and 3D Fit with digital avatars streamline the product development and the production process.

Tommy Hilfiger recently announced that they will be shifting their design process to be 100% digital by 2022.

#3 Creates a Greener Supply Chain

The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest contributor to pollution. The reduction of physical samples significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

It's a small, yet very important part of digitizing the fashion supply chain.

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