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Thank You For Your Sacrifices; Happy Birthday Dr. King

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

As we recognize today, January 18th, as a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, let us take a moment to reflect on who he was, and what he represented in his tireless work for peace and equality.

In our ever-changing Supply Chain business, we have a period in our cycle when we take inventory of our goods and services. Today, we can honor Dr. King by taking a quiet moment for reflecting and doing some self-inventory, then ask ourselves the following questions: Who are we as a society, as a country, as a community, as an individual, and who are we as a business? Are our values and practices in our personal lives and our business in alignment with the vision and integrity of Dr. King?

We can no longer allow the pain, the hatred, and confusion of our painful past, and 2020 to paralyze us, our families, and our businesses. 2020, and what has transpired this first month of 2021, should not define our future. It should help us envision a new future; One that is a COVID-free, hatred-free world filled with love, respect, equality, and integrity. We cannot have that future if we don’t take steps to get there. Now is the time to make a difference in preparing for that moment when doors open, when our hearts open, when there is restored unity in our land; that moment when our business sales are up and things are moving forward. We can prepare for that breakthrough and build more effective and sustainable business solutions that are not only good for profits but changes that are good for the planet. Is your business ready for the BREAKTHROUGH?

Are your business competitors ready for the BREAKTHROUGH?

If you’re not sure where to start, or how to pick up the fragmented pieces of your business after 2020, Jordan Alliance Group can help. We are a black-owned, women-led boutique management consulting firm focused on the betterment of the fashion and textile Industry's transition towards sustainability and capitalizing on the concepts of a circular economy. Our Mission is to lead with our core values of honesty and integrity, build meaningful, personalized partnerships to achieve sustainable success for our clients. We build partnerships that revolve around circularity in product, profit, people, and the planet. Click here to sign up for your FREE 1-hour customized consultation with our apparel industry experts, and learn more about our upcoming Spring Webinar Series.


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