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Here at JAG, we’re proud to be a very diverse AND black-owned small business. In today’s video, we’d like to highlight a few sustainable, black-owned fashion brands to bring awareness and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. is a luxury boutique whose mission is to work as a community, building a platform devoted to the highest quality of sustainable fashion. Their Founder: Dechel Mckillian is a celebrity stylist originally from Los Angeles whose clients include Drake, Nicki Minaj, Fergie, and Lionel Richie. Dechel saw firsthand the negative impact fashion has on our people and planet. GALERIE.LA has a mission to bring socially conscious fashion to the masses.

Brother Vellies founded in 2013 with the goal of keeping traditional African design practices, and techniques alive while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs. Now handmade artisanally across the globe, Brother Vellies creates luxury accessories that celebrate cultural histories and timeless design. The company’s Creative Director and Founder Aurora James strive to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that will remain in your wardrobe forever. She has been reinventing the way we pair luxury and sustainability in the fashion industry for years with Brother Vellies. Her sustainably crafted statement pieces are made ethically and elevate any outfit.

The mission of these two companies is inspiring and we look forward to supporting and promoting more black-owned, sustainable businesses in the future. Please check out below for links to additional Black-owned & sustainable brands. As well as a few links with information on how to help fight against racial injustice. We’re finding new ways of doing business, cleaner ways of running our businesses while fighting social injustice. We’re coming head-on with many issues that can no longer be ignored.

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