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More About Your Mentor

Tanya Cauren


WhatNextTYC, LLC

Meeting and collaborating with colleagues and leaders across the globe for over 30 years provided a level of exposure, understanding, and cultural appreciation that was beyond measure and impacted my everyday life to this day. It's part of who I am and how I show up in the world.


In Creating, Building, and Evolving Teams focused on Technical Design, Fabric and Color Management, and Product Life Cycle Management, the lessons learned over the years have produced measurable results influencing how I seek to share my experiences, individually as well as corporately.


With a goal of continuing to help develop brands and talent in a way that promotes discovery and growth, I'll have the joy of delivering on my goal of helping to move humanity (someone or something) forward and the honor of helping you deliver on yours.


Career Development, Change Management, Design | Product Development, Product Lifecycle, Technical Raw Materials

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