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The JAG Collective Member Spotlight - Regina Reyes

Welcome to the JAG Collective Member Spotlight featuring - Regina Reyes

Video Transcript:

Her career began after receiving a Degree in Business Management at Pace University in New York - Regina jumped into her first job, working at Bankers Trust in the internal audit department.

The ability to analyze numbers, data and processes was put to work in her career in the Fashion Apparel Industry.

Her role - at Eileen Fisher; was a position that would be an 18-year journey forever impacting her career. It didn’t take long before Regina was in demand. She found herself being asked to merge with other departments taking on merchandising and operations planning.

She became a trailblazer, the ‘go to’ person working to find solutions and ways to work more efficiently. Regina knew how to lead change.

Regina will always owe a debt of gratitude to Eileen, for creating a workplace that is based on values and the well-being of the individuals. She emphasizes how the culture and integrity is built into the organization’s structure, which is one of the things that causes employees to have such longevity there.

After taking some time to reflect on all the experience and knowledge she obtained at Eileen Fisher, Regina knew it was time to pay it forward and help others.

She said she knew she was driven to help others, so she took a leap of faith, and began her journey as an Independent Personal Stylist at J. Hilburn.

As a Stylist representing J. Hilburn, Regina says, there is so much joy she feels when watching a transformation take place as someone steps into the best fitting, high quality, sustainable clothing, that she helped create.

Regina embraces every opportunity to learn something new that can bring about positive, effective change. Her desire will always be, to make an impactful difference.


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