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The JAG Collective Member Spotlight - Philippa Attwood

Welcome to the JAG Collective Member Spotlight featuring Philippa Attwood.

Video Transcript:

Philippa had no idea while growing up in the UK as a child who loved nature that she would later align with Tree-Nation, a reforestation organization. At age 16, Philippa started her career in project management. She had an amazing mentor that took her under her wing, and Philippa quickly became one of the youngest, well-respected professionals in the company - as she developed a clear understanding of processes, timelines, deadlines, and profits.

Through her impressive experience she bypassed a Bachelors Degree and was accepted into a Master’s program at the age 21. She continued her career in the apparel industry as she pursued her education.

Quote: “5 years of project management and strategic development experience enabled me to completely jump all normal rules and routes of traditional education. I actually didn’t go to college and get a bachelor’s degree, but what I did end up doing was receiving in 3-years, a master’s degree”

In 2011 she began traveling all over the world: India, Europe, Mexico, and Argentina to name a few, but the one place that kept calling her name was the Amazon Rainforest On her way out of the Amazon, while traveling along the roads, she witnessed something that would never leave her spirit. On her right side, she saw the dense jungle, and on the left side. There were no trees and no life; it was completely depleted.

Today, Philippa continues her work with Tree-Nation where she is the Corporate Partnerships Manager, working with organizations on reforestation projects. Reforestation is a natural and intentional process of restocking existing forests that have been depleted. Currently, they have planted over 8 million trees worldwide in over 36 countries.

Reforestation projects help to restore forests, which creates jobs and natural resources while supporting a healthier planet. They are bringing technological solutions to the problem of Deforestation. PHILIPPA AND TREE-NATION TOGETHER, ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, ONE TREE AT A TIME To find out more about how you can get involved with this incredible organization head to: .


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