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The JAG Collective Member Spotlight - Amy Hall

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the JAG Collective Member Spotlight featuring Amy Hall. Amy has always aspired to be of service. After years of working in the non-profit sector, She began what led to a fulfilling career at Eileen Fisher. For the next 27 years, Amy expanded her knowledge and expertise, exploring new and exciting opportunities to have a positive impact.

She became the company's first community relations manager, thanks in part to her background in the nonprofit sector. Next, she tackled the issue of compliance for the company's supply chain, adding human rights and environmental initiatives to her community work.

As a lifelong learner, Amy prioritized reading and education and discovered concepts along the way that only deepened her desire to make a positive difference in the world. After a rewarding career that culminated in the position of Vice President, of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher, Amy was ready to make a change.

Her idea was to create a business centered on positive impact combined with a forum for collective action. The twin concepts of Impact + forum became Impactorum, a consultancy firm offering planning and advisory services to professionals working in corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and circularity. Their clients are individuals or businesses who want to deepen their environmental impact or social work.

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