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Sustainable Fashion Webinar with Ilka Jordan, CEO at Jordan Alliance Group

Circularity in Fashion Sustainable Fashion Webinar - Questions and Answers with Ilka Jordan, CEO at Jordan Alliance Group and Facilitator - Scott Donachie, CEO at Companies for Zero Waste.

1- How do you work with brands towards circularity?

We work together on a holistic approach to operationalize circular strategies and transform company culture. We cover four key phases: Strategy, People, Process, Governance

Build Strategies

  • Make sure circularity is a core tenet of all corporate strategies

  • Map out long and short-term targets – plan big, start small, assess, and then scale

  • Define Corporate Social Responsibility commitments – like only working with partners who follow ethical business practices

Bring your People Along

  • Have a comprehensive enterprise change management plan – This support a positive experience and organizational buy-in

  • The principle of Circular Economy should common knowledge across the organization

  • Every function should know and be aligned on corporate values/vision/goals

Update or reengineer your Business Processes

There are many interconnected functions, technologies, and services across the supply chain, any changes to operations will result in changes to:

  • Your tools and how you use them

  • Functional roles and responsibilities

  • Product lifecycle cadence, workflow timelines, etc.

Establish a Governance Model

  • Maintain accountability and enables continuous improvement across the organization and with external partners

  • Help to oversee, monitor, accurately measure, reinforce, and optimize.

2- Imperative in circularity and sustainable supply chains are transparency, accountability, and governance. What are your thoughts on how to ensure these?

Focus on the Enablers:

  • Adopt digital technology along the supply chain. This will not only improve operational efficiency, but also provide greater transparency, and traceability material and product flow

  • Collaboration across functions within your organization and with your suppliers/partners to hold each other accountable

  • Monitor your progress and results across the value chain

3- What methodologies do you use to help the brands you work with measure success in new ways… Other than sales revenues, how do you share it, market it?

Having a common approach to measuring and monitoring circularity performance is essential.

We recommend using online digital tools to provide visibility, assessments, and measures entire circularity across all operations: like

  • Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) – developed by WBCSD

  • Circulytics – developed by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Share the progress

  • Within your organization - With Vendors and business Partnerships

Market sustainability goals to consumers

More consumers are now buying sustainable products and are loyal to brands that show that they care for society.

  • Tell about your Corporate Social Responsibility commitments

  • Communicate sustainability goals via TV commercials, etc.

  • H&M has a good one running now

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