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What is the Product Lifecycle?

Product Lifecycle is an evolving process. As product offering continues to evolve and improve, so must the PLC process. The complete PLC process functions as a roadmap of critical decision-making checkpoints to manage and monitor the product lifecycle from Planning to Market.

Many functional areas are involved in the PLC process. Therefore, it is essential that all areas understand their individual roles yet work together in a collaborative state throughout the process.

PLC is a HOT ticket.

We all know that it is crucial that the PLC involves and supports your key business areas. So don't make the big mistake of overcomplicating your PLC thereby, making it impossible to meet intended objectives and deadlines. Does this sound and feel familiar?

JAG GOT this... 

Our strategic approach equips you with the methods to simplify your PLC. We've shown our clients how to establish the best seasonal cadence, develop guidelines, and identify and maintain the key disciplines needed to achieve goals throughout the seasonal lifecycle.  

Here's the DEAL...

If you want to execute your seasonal product strategies with governance to consistently delight your customers... Together, we can show you how.


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