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Change Is Not A Four Letter Word

Change Is Not A Four Letter Word

Change, is the one thing in life we can depend on. It will happen when we’re ready for it and it happens when we’re not. It can catapult us into new opportunities and seasons in life, or it can leave us behind picking up the pieces. Accepting change, in life can strengthen and build up, or it can weaken and breakdown. Either way, change, is not a four letter word, especially if we have the opportunity to prepare for it.

The same holds true in business; change is inevitable. As technology, processes and information changes, people change. The way we conduct business, is influenced by factors like the stock market, the internet and our competitors. Companies need, not only the ability, but the agility to make necessary changes. And, ensuring employees and team members are provided the time and necessary tools to adapt to change cannot be overlooked. Major organizational change is never to be taken lightly. It waits for no one, but it must be considered, by those effected by the change in order to be embraced, by those effected by change.

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Unknown member
Feb 09, 2020

Change Management, when done right makes a big difference. Everyone in your organization need to understand the value it brings to ensure success. Depending on who you are speaking to, the conversation will be very different. To help talk about it to the different audiences in your organization, Prosci put together these elevator speech examples...

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