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Black Founders in Supply Chain and Retail

Overcoming challenges for black entrepreneurs

Plug and Play concluded this event with an outstanding panel consisting of accomplished black female executives working in the supply chain and retail spaces. Michelle Sourie Robinson, Burunda Prince, Ilka Jordan, Mandisa Turner, and Diana Brown joined moderator Sidney Johnson to discuss changes in the corporate world related to inclusivity and equity, and the way new technologies in supply chain and retail affect them.

The panelists also discussed the unique lens black founders bring to their fields that helps solve difficult problems that include all perspectives. Though too many challenges still exist for black entrepreneurs working to grow their business and capitalize, corporate America is beginning to recognize the value that diversity brings. As the panelists discussed, there is clearly no shortage of talent among black entrepreneurs, it’s an issue of access. Having accelerators and incubators that bring black entrepreneurs to the table and connect them with decision-makers at higher levels is one of the small steps we must make to elevate black talent in the startup world.

See the entire event here:


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