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A Business Transformation Case Study in Vendor Consolidation for the Retail Industry.


The retail industry is a highly competitive space, and many businesses often find themselves with multiple vendors providing the same or similar products. A large retail chain, found itself in a similar situation. The company embarked on a business transformation journey to consolidate its vendors and improve operational efficiency.

The retail company was struggling to manage multiple vendors and suppliers, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs. To tackle the issue, the company decided to enlist the help of Jordan Alliance Group (JAG), a renowned consulting firm specializing in business strategy and transformation. This case study delves into the challenges faced by the company, the strategies implemented by JAG, and the remarkable results achieved.


The retailer faced several challenges, including managing multiple vendors, increasing procurement costs, and a lack of visibility into vendor performance. The company also had to ensure that the vendor consolidation process did not negatively impact product availability or quality.

The retailer's fragmented and complicated vendor landscape, with multiple suppliers for similar products, resulted in inconsistent pricing, quality, and delivery. The lack of a centralized approach led to a disjointed system, making it difficult to manage inventory and predict demand. The company was losing money and needed to streamline its vendor consolidation process.


JAG developed a three-phase approach to tackle the issue: assessment, consolidation, and optimization.

The assessment phase involved evaluating the vendor landscape, identifying redundancies, and determining the best course of action. The company analyzed its procurement data to identify the vendors that provided the best quality products at the most competitive prices. The company's leadership team developed a vendor consolidation strategy that involved partnering with a select group of vendors to provide a wide range of products. The consolidation strategy reduced the number of vendors by 50%, ensuring a better supplier mix for products. The optimization phase involved negotiating with the remaining vendors to obtain better pricing and terms with its selected vendors, resulting in cost savings..

The company worked closely with its chosen vendors to ensure the vendor consolidation process did not negatively impact product availability or quality. The company provided training to ensure that its vendors met its high product quality and delivery standards.


Implementing the vendor consolidation process led to significant cost savings for the retailer. The company's inventory management improved with a centralized approach to purchasing and inventory control. The streamlined process led to better vendor relationships with a single point of contact, resulting in improved quality, pricing, and delivery. The company's profits increased by 25%, and the vendor management process became more efficient.


  • 50% reduction in vendors

  • 20% reduction in procurement costs within the first year of the transformation.

  • 15% increase in product quality due to improved vendor performance.

  • 25% increse in profits due to improvement in operational efficiency from the streamlined procurement process.


The company's vendor consolidation strategy proved to be a success, resulting in cost savings, improved vendor performance, and increased operational efficiency. Partnering with Jordan Alliance Group was a game-changer for the retailer, helping them streamline their vendor matrix and achieve significant cost savings.

The implementation of a centralized approach to vendor management has resulted in better vendor relationships, improved quality, and delivery, ultimately increasing the company's profits. The success of this project serves as an excellent example for other businesses to leverage external experts to streamline their processes and achieve success.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our case studies. We hope they provided valuable insights into the benefits of transforming your business for the digital age.

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