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Business Case Study: Responsible Sourcing: How a Retail Brand Achieved Sustainability Goals


In this case study, we will examine how a retail brand executed responsible sourcing to meet their sustainability goals. The retail brand recognized the importance of responsible sourcing to protect the environment and ensure ethical working conditions in their supply chain.


The retail brand faced several challenges in achieving their sustainability goals, including limited visibility and control over their supply chain, a lack of transparency in the sourcing process, and a limited understanding of sustainable sourcing practices.


The retail brand's leadership recognized the need for a complete transformation of their sourcing model to achieve their sustainability goals. They began by setting specific targets for responsible sourcing, including sourcing raw materials from sustainable sources, reducing waste, and promoting ethical working conditions in their supply chain.

The retail brand also established a set of sustainability standards that all suppliers must meet, including strict environmental and social criteria. They also implemented a system to monitor and evaluate supplier compliance with these standards, and established a framework for supplier training and support to improve compliance.

The retail brand's leadership also prioritized transparency in their sourcing process, including communicating with customers and stakeholders about their progress towards their sustainability goals. They established a platform to report on their sustainability performance, and engaged with suppliers and other stakeholders to promote collaboration and information sharing.


The implementation of responsible sourcing led to significant improvements in the retail brand's sustainability performance, reputation, and financial performance. The adoption of sustainability standards and monitoring of supplier compliance led to increased visibility and control over their supply chain, which in turn led to improved environmental and social performance.

The retail brand's efforts also led to cost savings through waste reduction, improved efficiency, and increased supplier collaboration. The brand's transparency and communication efforts also helped to build trust with customers and stakeholders, which improved the brand's reputation and customer loyalty.

  • The retail brand set a target to source 100% sustainable cotton by 2020 and achieved this goal by sourcing 99% sustainable cotton in 2019.

  • The brand's sustainability standards included criteria for water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste reduction, among others.

  • The brand monitored over 3,000 suppliers across 49 countries for compliance with their sustainability standards.

  • The implementation of responsible sourcing led to a 19% reduction in waste and a 20% reduction in carbon emissions in the brand's supply chain.

  • The brand's sustainability efforts were recognized by external organizations, including being ranked as the number one sustainable retailer by a leading sustainability index in 2020.


The transformation of the retail brand's sourcing model through the adoption of responsible sourcing practices is a powerful example of how effective transformation can achieve sustainability goals while also improving financial performance and reputation. The brand's leadership's vision, commitment, and focus on collaboration, transparency, and responsible sourcing practices created a culture of innovation, engagement, and shared values that drove the company's success.

Today, the retail brand continues to invest in responsible sourcing, sustainability, and innovation, and remains committed to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers while promoting ethical and sustainable practices in their supply chain.

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