Business & Technology Transformation

Transformation and Strategy Management


Because we strategically partner with our clients, we can design and deliver transformation projects that align with their corporate sustainability goals and drive profitable business growth.


We do this through our proven purpose-driven approach built on driving three core operational capabilities:

  • Transparency – Managed Global Visibility

  • Accountability – Managed Decision-Making

  • Governance – Managed Sustainability


Strategic Consulting Services:
  • Business and Technology Assessment

  • Business and Technology Transformation

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Change Readiness and Adoption

  • Workforce Transformation

  • Governance – Managed Sustainability


The key is to operationalize key business strategies more effectively. – “The SMART Approach”

If you want to improve productivity, reduce cost, and achieve efficiencies, you need to optimize your core operating model.


All internal and external parts need to be in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. A Smart Retail Supply Chain strategically harnesses all resources and capabilities.


Our Transformation Framework TAG is a unique purpose-driven strategic framework that enables Transparency, Accountability, and Governance to sustain centers of excellence across organizations.


The TAG Strategic Framework is holistic, scalable, and measurable. TAG incorporates proven methodologies to avoid the common pitfalls allowing greater focus on current relevant retail strategies and practices. TAG ensures strategic collaboration, effective decision making, and value-add improvements to deliver positive results and profitable business growth.

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