Retail Supply Chains Have Evolved...

The current situation has forced many to transition operations to working remotely. Now more than ever, it's important to stay connected with employees, vendors, and customers VIRTUALLY.

To preserve during this uncertain time and beyond, there is no going back to business as usual. It's time to move forward TOGETHER...

To work differently, we have to start to think differently:






Enabling Resiliency Along The Entire Supply Chain:

  • Financial Planning

  • Merchandise Planning

  • Marketing 

  • Raw Materials / Safe Materials

  • Print & Color

  • Design & Development

  • Merchandising / Visual

  • Sourcing / Vendor Management

  • Product Quality / Engineering

  • Technical Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Store Allocations

  • Logistics

  • Distribution

  • Transportation

  • Store Operations

  • Reuse / Renew / Recycle / Remanufacture Programs

  • Partnerships / Joint Ventures

  • Technology / Data Analytics

Ilka 4

Ilka 4



Sr Vice President | Executive Advisor Adrienne is recognized as an industry leader in both merchandising and product development. She uses her expertise and executive leadership skills to provide management consulting and advisory.



Vice President Experienced HR professional with a track record of success creating innovative programs and initiatives to attract, engage and retain a highly skilled workforce. Also skilled in Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Organizations, State and Local Government, and Organizational and Leadership Development.

Lori Cappadona-Frank

Lori Cappadona-Frank

MERCHANDISING EXECUTIVE Highly collaborative and results driven Business Leader both creative and analytical in translating data to insight to build product strategies that support business initiatives and drive brand awareness. Consumer-centric Merchant with expertise in building seasonal road maps and managing the product life cycle to commercialize the creative vision across multiple channels of distribution. Strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit.



Consultant Execute client engagements and implementing strategies related to business operations improvement, supply chain management and change management.



Social Media Specialist Rachelle launch and maintain a digital content strategy plan across social (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) sites.



Account Manager / Prosci certified change management practitioner. Zachary has focused his career in sales and customer service. He effectively support our clients and team of consultants.





Consultant Brand development through pattern, logo embellishments and graphic design. - New brand launches and development. - Market analysis. - Consultant to buyers, merchant, planners and senior executives



Consultant Strategic leader, quality management, and process improvement for a multi-channel retailer. Marie is a creative, global sourcing exec, with a proven track record for strategic leadership, quality management, and process improvement results for a multi-channel retailer.



Consultant Strategy, Transformation, Talent and Human Capital Management.

Making Purpose Profitable 

The future belongs to companies that believe in return on purpose as much as the return on investment. When It comes to supply chain transparency, accountability, and governance, experience counts. We’ll help you shape your future with innovation, digital technology, and the change capabilities required to prepare your organization for sustainable and profitable success...

Retail Supply Chains Have Evolved...

Transforming the retail supply chains from product concept to end of life and company cultures that fully takes advantage of circularity is the only way forward...

What is JAG On-Demand?

JAG On-demand is a consulting subscription model that allows you to plan, prioritize, and execute against your strategic initiatives without having to permanently increase the size of your team or get budget approval for large fixed-fee projects.

This innovative approach allows you the flexibility to adjust the skills on your team as priorities shift within your organization or new project needs arise.

Why Choose It?

As your business needs change over time, so do priorities and the associated project work. JAG On-demand eliminates the need to get quotes or adjust statements of work. 


JAG On-demand offers interim or project-based services to clients that need a higher level of expertise or experience than they currently have or have the ability to retain. You'll have access to the skill set of experts across multi-disciplines for one simple weekly or monthly rate. 

How Does It Work?

We believe that every company deserves the right talent.  Companies can better focus on their core accountabilities and reach maximum effectiveness when they are able to delegate to trusted business advisors, consultants, and functional subject matter experts.


Unlike the traditional staff augmentation or contractor arrangements, you will not be limited to a single skillset. You will have access to the collective knowledge and expertise of our roster of talented industry professionals as needed for each task.


Simply select a plan that fits your budget, and we will partner with you and your team to ensure that your projects are strategically planned, aligned to corporate goals, executed, and governed to monitor progress along the way.

Jordan Alliance Group is a US-based progressive boutique management consulting firm providing digital strategies and sustainable solutions to Specialty Retailers and Global Brands seeking a competitive advantage and profitable growth.


We're here for you...  New ways of working require new ways of thinking. We are at the forefront of the Fashion Retail Industry's Digital Transformation and Sustainability. We are committed to providing you with concierge support and strategic guidance that this current situation demands. 

As your Trusted Strategic Partner, now more than ever, it's important to work together and ensure relevant digital strategies, innovation, technology, and data analytics are integrated within your Product Lifecycle Cadence and across your Retail Supply Chain. Our business model is built to creatively connect our expertise as a resource to you and your team to meet your business needs, and prepare your organization's transformation. 



Let us help you create resiliency across your organization. So, when you are ready, schedule your Free Online Private Consultation


Worst case scenario, you walk out with a few great ideas and actionable ways to grow your business. 

Succeeding Together with Jordan Alliance Group. Reach out for your free private consultation.
Succeeding Together with JAG

We're Here For You From Start to Success

Ilka Jordan, CEO 


The Digital  Transformation Together...

Succeeding Together From Start to Success...

Ilka Jordan, CEO 

Succeeding Together with Jordan Alliance Group. Reach out for your free private consultation.
Succeeding Together with JAG


Contact us for your Online Private Consultation. Worst case scenario, you walk out with a few great ideas and actionable ways to grow your business. 

  • Amy Holewa

    Vice President, Sourcing Leader

    "It was my pleasure to work with Ilka and her talented team while revising our Product Lifecycle Calendar. JAG helped drive the complex process, aligning the many stakeholders and numerous competing priorities, all with a clear eye on arriving at an effective, yet flexible, long-term product.


    JAG’s team of experts brought a wide variety of expertise to this challenging project, guided us with empathy, and gave us confidence that we could deliver a solution that served the needs of the business."

  • Merissa Gordon, MBA

    Director of Integrated Operations


  • Gurdip Singh

    Partner at DecisionGPS, LLC

    "Ilka led the business process re-engineering and change management effort associated with changing the core operating model at Chico's viz. floor-set frequency and assortment breadth changes driven by desirable customer shopping behavior across channels.


    My predictive data analytics team and I collaborated with Ilka, her team and the business leaders in the brands - to discover the data-driven insights to drive the change in design, sourcing & buying behaviors. Not only did Ilka lead the engagement on a day-to-day basis, but she also helped guide the interactions with the Brand Presidents and the executive leadership team to ensure that the message was to the point, and actionable - so that it could add immediate value to the business. 


    I strongly recommend Ilka, for she brings a breadth of knowledge, a passion to deliver value, and an eye for detail, that makes her an effective leader and change agent in complex corporate environments."

  • Aris Lallas

    Senior Vice President,

    Design, Trend & Concept, R & D at White House Black Market

    "Had the opportunity to work with Ilka while at White House Black Market, where she led the Business Process Management (BPM) team. 


    In the time we worked together we collaborated on the development and implementation of a complex, restructuring of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) process: a priority initiative for the organization. I found Ilka to be a very committed, diligent and steadfast person who demonstrated a high level of courage and conviction to implement change. She faced many challenges throughout the process, but her determination, focus and drive to the completion of the process implementation was unwavering. "


    Ilka's dedication and drive are what make her an asset and a valued partner in navigating complex challenges."

  • Lori Knight

    PMO Director,

    PLM + Creative Technology

    The Children's Place 

    "Jordan Alliance Group has assembled a talented team of industry experts that bring years of hands-on apparel retail experience to each project and endeavor.   I have known and respected the JAG team for many years, and recently had the pleasure of establishing a new business relationship with JAG.  I engaged JAG when the corporation was seeking apparel specific experience to support a technology transformation effort.  We were thrilled that Gina Moore-Herring was available to join our team and support the project.  We appreciate her commitment, passion, knowledge, and professionalism.  We are thankful for the partnership in getting the project back on track.  We look forward to the continued partnership with Gina and the JAG team!"

  • Tracy Townsend Traver

    Former Senior Vice President,

    Design, Product Development, Trend, Fashion Accessories & Jewelry at Chico's

    "I have great respect for Ilka as a leader as well as a change agent who has demonstrated the ability to successfully navigate all levels of leadership in an organization keeping everyone focused on delivering target results."


New technology will not increase efficiencies or guarantee a return on your investment. Relevant business strategies, a comprehensive transformation plan, and advancing the skills of your teams using it will.

Operational Excellence
New Technology
Smart Retail Supply Chain
Organizational Transformation
Change Management
Operational Excellence
New Technology
Organizational Transformation
Smart Retail Supply Chain

Jordan Alliance Group, Inc. is a Black-Owned and Women-Led Boutique Management Consulting Firm Serving The Fashion Retail Industry and Academia.

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