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Introducing: The JAG Collective

Introducing The JAG Collective: Connect with thought leaders, executives, and influencers whose expertise is regularly sought after to consult, mentor, speak at events, and webinars - to share expert insights on opportunities to help advance your expertise.

The JAG Collective is a place where thought leaders come together to collaborate, share ideas to elevate companies, strengthen communities, and foster sustainable business growth. Challenging one another to think critically to become better leaders, arrive at better decisions, and achieve game-changing results.

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Jordan Alliance Group (JAG) is a Black-owned and women-led boutique management consulting firm focused on the betterment of the fashion and textile Industry's transition towards corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and capitalizing on the principles of a circular economy. Our purpose-driven framework helps a company transform its core operating model with strategies that integrate transparency, accountability, and governance long supply chains - from concept to consumer.

Essentially, making purpose profitable.

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