Integrated Change Management

To Work Differently, You Have To Think Differently


Organizations often forget about Change Management until it is too late. Our experience has shown us that many organizations with a successful rollout of new business and technology initiatives got there because of having a comprehensive change management plan. For that reason, change management is not an optional task with the delivery of business and technology transformation services.


The introduction of new processes and technologies is disruptive to business operations. A comprehensive change management plan will ensure a successful implementation and user adoption. A change plan will also help understand the actual cost of the change, as changing the way you work and new technology may also require new skill sets.


Jordan Alliance Group works with organizations to create an integrated change management plan for all transformation initiatives. Our proven TAG Forward® Transformation Management includes five key stages to help companies enlighten and empower stakeholders because inclusivity drives advocacy.


If you want to ensure your organization is ready to accept the change and understand what it will take to ensure adoption, contact Jordan Alliance Group to discuss TAG Forward® and how Integrated Change Management will benefit you. 

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